Why investors should use this site

We carefully select and list only those properties that meet our strict listing criteria based on our own evaluation system by visiting the properties in person.

1. Competitive location

We place great importance on the uniqueness of the location.
For example, properties that continue to increase in value over the long term always have a unique location, such as being close to a shopping mall or directly connected to a train station. The uniqueness of the location is what gives it a competitive advantage and leads to higher property prices.

2. Value-added properties

In Manila, it is not uncommon for two condos next to each other of the same age and grade to differ by more than 1.5 times in used circulating value.
Why is there a difference in property prices even though they are in the same location and of the same age and grade? It is because there is an added value that is unique to the property.

3. Only used properties

It is not uncommon for pre-built properties to have their plans abandoned in the middle of construction or for construction completion dates to be delayed significantly. Even if successfully completed, it is not at all certain that the property will appreciate in the market in the future. In order to minimize investment risk, we only deal in pre-owned properties that have been completed and are in the market.

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Property management services

The concept of our property management service is “rental management that provides peace of mind even when you are on the other side of the world”. Our clients are mostly overseas owners who live outside of the Philippines. It is not easy for overseas owners to communicate directly with tenants when there is a problem. Our company handles water leaks, complaints, and everything else on behalf of the owner.

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